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DotNetNuke 7.3 Hosting UK - :: How to Add Token For Your Control to New Skin in DNN?

clock December 2, 2014 07:44 by author Peter

Today, I will write an article about How to add My Control token to my new skin in DotNetNuke. I did this job by editing database. Afrer uploading my new control I have to change manualy skin.ascx file every time I did a few changes.

Manual method in VisualStudio. NET :
1. First, You must go to directory of parrsed skin bundle inside the Solution Explorer and Refresh Folder

2. Now change the skin.ascx file to add control registration at the top:
<%@ Register TagPrefix=”dnn” TagName=”SIMPLECONTROL” Src=”~/DesktopModules/SimpleControl/SimpleControl.ascx” %>

3. Then, you can add your control to where you want it to be:
<dnn:SIMPLECONTROL ID=”SIMPLECONTROL1″ runat=”server” />

Simple method could be adding an easy token SIMPLECONTROL to skin. htm file, therefore the token could be parsed in to skin. ascx every time you reparse a skin package. To allow this DotNetNuke function you can allow it inside the Admin. In case your version of DotNetNuke doesn't have this choice, you are able to merely add 1 line to some database.

1. First we have to understand a PackageID that many of us discover inside the Packages table. Click Show Data Table upon the Packages table and scroll right all the way down to the place you’ll discover your uploaded module package. Inside my case the PackageID was 84.

2. Next Step, you only got to open up SkinControls table and add this control token definition by adding this values :
PackageID = 84
ControlSrc :/DesktopModules/SimpleControl/SimpleControl. Ascx
SupportPartialrendering : False

Tokens are actualy values hidden in SkinControls table.

Press Release - European Proudly Launches DotNetNuke 7.1 Hosting - Germany

clock January 7, 2014 07:13 by author Scott proudly launches the support of DotNetNuke 7.1 on all our newest Windows Server 2012 environment. Our European DotNetNuke 7.1 Hosting plan starts from just as low as €3.00/month only and this plan has supported ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4 and SQL Server 2012.

DotNetNuke (DNN) has evolved to become one of the most recognizable open source Content Management systems. Basically it is based on the Microsoft platform, i.e. ASP.NET, C#, SQL, jQuery etc. As a web development platform, DotNetNuke provides a solid base platform. clients are specialized in providing supports for DotNetNuke CMS for many years. We are glad to provide support for European DotNetNuke CMS hosting users with advices and troubleshooting for our clients website when necessary.

DNN 7.1 provides intuitive drag-n-drop design feature, streamlined interface, built in social authentication providers, fully integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimization), membership system, granular access control, and many other features. In fact DNN 7 is all in one web development and content management system. No longer is the site design realm of just technically inclined, DNN 7 delivers advanced features and capabilities that are not matched by other CMS systems. In fact it is most well rounded CMS system available to date.

DotNetNuke 7.1 is a great platform to build your web presence with. can help customize any web software that company wishes to utilize. Further information and the full range of features DotNetNuke 7.1 Hosting can be viewed here


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