OnceSQL Server Full-Text Search with rank values  I wrote a post titled enabling Fulltext search in Azure SQL database discussing Full-Text search in Azure. while using it with one of my databases, needed to show the result of the search ordered by however well they match to the search criteria. in order to sort the result as i need, the best is, get a rank generated for every row and use it for ordering the result. I had used Freetext operate for obtaining the result but if i realized that this can not be achieved using the Freetext function.

The CONTAINSTABLE and FREETEXTTABLE functions return a column named Rank for showing the rank related to the record based on matching. this can be used get the result sorted based on it, showing most relevant records at the top. Remember, the higher value of the Rank generated indicates the best matching.

Now, write the following code:
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    -- Creating a table  
    CREATE TABLE dbo.EmployeeDetails  
     EmployeeDetailsId int identity(1,1) not null  
     , constraint pk_EmployeeDetails primary key (EmployeeDetailsId)  
     , WorkingExperience nvarchar(4000) not null  
     , ProjectsWorked nvarchar(4000) not null  
     , Resume nvarchar(max)   
    CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG EmployeeCatelog;  
    CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON dbo.EmployeeDetails   
     (WorkingExperience, ProjectsWorked, Resume) KEY INDEX pk_EmployeeDetails  
     ON EmployeeCatelog;  
     -- By default CHANGE_TRACKING = AUTO  
    -- Once enabled, search can be performed;  
    SELECT *  
    FROM dbo.EmployeeDetails  
    WHERE freetext ((WorkingExperience, ProjectsWorked, Resume), 'SQL');  
    SELECT *  
    FROM dbo.EmployeeDetails  
    WHERE freetext ((Resume), 'SQL');  
    -- Get the rank and sort the result using it  
    SELECT t.Rank, e.*  
    FROM dbo.EmployeeDetails e  
     INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE (dbo.EmployeeDetails, (WorkingExperience, ProjectsWorked, Resume), 'SQL') AS t  
      ON e.EmployeeDetailsId = t.[Key]  
    ORDER BY t.Rank DESC  

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