In this tutorial, I will explain how to fix unable to communicate with the runtime for ‘R’ script. Please check the requirements of ‘R’ runtime, Fatal error: cannot create ‘R_TempDir’. R is the most popular programming language for advanced analytics today. You can use it for statistical analysis, uncover patterns, identify trends or even build predictive models. R has a massive collection of free packages on CRAN created by an ever-growing worldwide developer community.

In the latest SQL Server 2016 CTP3 release, new native in-database support for open source R and multi-threaded RevoScaleR functions are now available via R Services. SQL Server R Services provides a platform for using the powerful R language and package portfolio with a simple Transact-SQL interface. To overcome open source R’s performance and scale limitations, Enterprise Edition includes RevoScaleR features.

Data scientists, BI developers and applications can make parameterized calls to the R runtime from SQL code or stored procedures to get R computed result sets or data visualizations. In SQL Server 2016 CTP3, support for ad-hoc execution of R scripts via a new system stored procedure, sp_execute_external_script, was added. It will currently support pushing data from a single SELECT statement with multiple input parameters to R and return a single data frame as output.

  • Locate launcher config file (this is used by the MSSQL Launch pad service)
    • Its normally located in the Binn folder instance the which is available in the root directory in my case D: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ MSSQL 13.MSSQLSERVER \ MSSQL \ Binn
  • View the contents of rlauncher and check the working directory of the which is where we are having issues creating temp dir.
    • R does not like spaces in the working directory
    • R launcher 1

  • Create a folder in C:\ called temp “C:\temp”
  • Change the working directory to c:\temp
  • R launcher 2

  • Grant permissions for the service MSSQLaunchpad service account in my case its NT Service\MSSQLaunchpad
  • R launcher 3

    Restart the SQL server services and SQL Launch pad services.
    We can also fix this by using short paths by replacing the working directory with a short path. Example below cmd will give us the short path for the location cmd /c for %A in (“D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\ExtensibilityData”) do @echo %~sA

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