With this short article, I will tell you about How to Fix Distribution setup SQL Server Agent error: "RegCreateKeyEx() returned error 5, 'Access is denied.'" on my SQL Server 2012 Hosting.

In the Configure Distribution Wizard, the step "Configuring SQL Server Agent to start automatically" errors with the following text:

TITLE: Configure Distribution Wizard
An error occurred configuring SQL Server Agent.
RegCreateKeyEx() returned error 5, 'Access is denied.' (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 22002)

This is a very minor error, and not difficult to work around at all. The wizard is making an attempt to alter the SQL Server Agent service "Start Mode" to Automatic. you'll be able to try this via the SQL Server Configuration Manager instead.

In the Sysinternals method Monitor, you'll see: Operation: RegCreateKey Result: ACCESS DENIED Path: "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SQLAgent$SQL2012"


If you encounter this error, choose "No" in the "SQL Server Agent Start" page in the configure Distribution Wizard (as shown below), so set your agent service to Automatic start Mode via the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

The third step of the wizard that failed before won't happen. Why the failure truly happens I didn't figure this out, and i am open to feedback, however this seems like a vestigial step to a wizard that otherwise has no negative impact. Running SSMS with "run as Administrator" doesn't seem to fix this error either. i would like to recognize why this error happens within the 1st place.

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