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FREE Silverstripe CMS Hosting French - :: How to Manually Install Silverstripe CMS ?

clock May 22, 2014 08:24 by author Peter

Managing the website content has been one of the main challenges to many website developers and managers. It is common to find some content management systems (cms hosting) that are too complex and costly. Though, many thanks to the origin of open-source cms like as silverstripe, creating websites have moved from being a boring job to a thrilling and creative procedure. SilverStripe CMS Hosting is associate degree open supply online page management system utilized by governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations round the world. It is an influential tool for skilled internet development groups, and online page authors rave regarding however straightforward it’s to use.

As a platform, SilverStripe CMS is employed to make websites, intranets, and internet applications. The trendy design of SilverStripe CMS permits organizations to stay pace with innovation in the online. SilverStripe CMS Hosting permits websites and applications to contain gorgeous style, nice content, and compelling interactive and social functions.

SilverStripe is based on PHP5, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. These are all well-known, open standards that are used across the entire Internet. In addition to the data that is stored in the site's directory tree (images, video, audio files, compressed archives, et cetera), site content and configuration information is kept in a unified SQL* database, similar to most CMS software. Due to its use of open standards, it is able to function on most platforms regardless of the operating system they run. (SQL database can be MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or others).

Installation is fairly straightforward, however it is significantly more complex than some other CMS packages like Wordpress or TextPattern. Documentation is provided to walk you through the process. However, installation of this particular CMS is not as obvious, nor as user-friendly, as some of its competition.

SilverStripe CMS is a PHP/SQL application and as such you will need to download the installation files from the official SilverStripe CMS website first. After having your SilverStripe-version.tar.gz ( the version number is changing when a new release is available ) file downloaded, please extract it on your local computer. The extracted files should be uploaded under your ‘s hosting account where you would like to have SilverStripe installed.

If you would like to have your SilverStripe CMS directly accessible at you should upload the files under the root directory on your Silverstripe CMS Hosting. On the other hand, if you would like to have it located under a subfolder you may create a subdirectory under your root folder where the files should be uploaded. If you upload your files under /rootfolder/cms/ your Silverstripe installation will be accessible under

After your files are uploaded under your account you should proceed with your MySQL database creation process. You can easily create a MySQL database for your CMS on Plesk Control Panel.

The setup is pretty fast and will start when you access:

There are a few sections on the installation page which are important for the setup. The first section is Database:

Here you should type in the database name, username and password you have created. When your database details are filled in correctly click the “Re-check requirements” warning message on this tab should disappear. We have the first section for the setup with the correct details and the next one is choosing main administrator account access details:

You should ensure that you have filled in a working e-mail address as it is also used to reset the password if lost or forgotten. We have used only the word “admin” on the screenshot as this is a demo install and will not be used for a live website. The last step is to select the available template in the core distribution of the Silverstripe CMS or use empty website and start building your own menu structure. If you are a first time user it is recommended to select the template:

This way the installer will create demo content and you will be able to review the basic functions of the CMS. When we have completed all the above sections on the installation screen will click on “Install SilverStripe” button at the very bottom of the page:

This is the last step which completes the CMS initial setup. You will notice the following error message on the page which will load with the SilverStripe successful installation page. For security reasons you should now delete the install files, unless you are planning to reinstall later (requires admin login, see above). The web server also now only needs write access to the "assets" folder, you can remove write access from all other folders.

You can remove installation files by using the “Click here” link. As for the permissions of the “assets” folder you may change these using Plesk Panel > File Manager or your favorite FTP client. The CMS admin you may access using:
and this will provide you with the access to the tools available to start building your website with the default CMS style. offers €1.29/month Affordable and High Performance Windows & ASP.NET Shared Hosting Plan

clock May 20, 2014 11:53 by author Peter

European Windows and ASP.NET hosting specialist,, has officially launched the new Windows & ASP.NET Shared Hosting Plan offered from as low as €1.29/month only. This LITE Windows & ASP.NET Hosting packages combine generous or 1 website, 1 GB disk space, 10 GB bandwidth, Support UTF-8 Domains, Dedicated Pool, etc. As the market for hosted solutions continues to grow, the new hosting range is designed to exceed the growing technical demands of businesses and IT professionals.  is confident that their new LITE shared hosting plans will surely appeal to the personal across the world, besides the website owners and companies owning websites. The new web hosting plans will meet the requirement of high performance web hosting where one can easily update the content of a website on a regular basis. This plan is designed more for the web hobbiest needing affordable, high availability, hosting and easy backend management of windows and ASP.NET with powerful Plesk control panel.

Every day thousands of people decide to set up a website for business or personal use. New business owners and the average consumer don’t always have access to unlimited budgets. understand the importance of reliable hosting but are not always prepared to pay the exorbitant prices that reliable hosts charge.

For additional information about LITE Shared Hosting Plan offered by, please visit

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SQL Server 2012 Free Hosting UK - :: SQL Server 2012 Performance Problem Created by The ORDER BY Statement

clock May 6, 2014 07:55 by author Peter

Today I had a problem with a table that has around 5 million records on my SQL Server 2012. The table has as primary key “Header No.”,”Transaction No.”. In the table is a field “Order No.” that at the moment is blank for all records. I also had an index on that field, because I will need to search for it. I think that in the future only 1 in several 1000 records will have an order no. So the index will be highly selective because I will have only 1 record per order no.

The code is like this:
Table.SETCURRENTKEY(“Order No.”);
Table.SETRANGE(“Order No.”,TheOrderNo);

It should go lightening fast but it takes almost 1 second for each FINDFIRST.

The SQL plan gave me this:

Top[2,1];Nested Loops[3,2];Index Seek($2)[4,3];Clustered Index Seek(Company Name$Table$0)[6,3]
WHAT? A CLUSTERED index Seek?????
it should have been an index seek.
The select was what I expected:
HERE ((”Order No_”=?)) ORDER BY “Order No_”,”Header No_”,”Transaction No_” OPTION (OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN)

But because SQL knows that the Field “Order No.” contained only blanks, it decided to do a clustered index seek because of the ORDER BY (at least this is what I think SQL decided). So how to fix it NOW (I don’t want to wait that it goes into production and it takes days or months before the problem fixes itself.

What is the code for?
The FINDFIRST serves because I want the Invoice No. of that record and it has to be a non-blank value.
So, I changed the index from “Order No.” to “Order No.”,”Invoice No.”. It makes the index a little bigger, but it shouldn’t be a big problem (or at least I hope so).
The C/AL code I changed like this:

Table.SETCURRENTKEY(“Order No.”,”Invoice No.”);”
Table.SETRANGE(“Order No.”,TheOrderNo);
Table.SETFILTER(“Invoice No.”,’<>%1’,’’);

Even with all blank values in “Order No.”,”Invoice No.” at the moment, SQL has changed its plan to an index seek and the code has become very fast.

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